The One Where Will Got Bunny Ears

Administrative District and Vault

Having cleared the outer districts of druegar and azer, the party approached the administrative district. Following the trail of retreating dwarves they found an ancient chamber with the cornerstone of the great city. Dwarven sorcerers were completing an unknown ritual with the four relics. The relics were given to the adventurers as part of the ritual, binding themselves to the heroes and hindering their actions. The dwarves were defeated, but not before the ritual was completed, leaving a archway shimmering in the air.

Inside there was treasure heaped high and an elegant looking individual flanked by two hooded hairy armed bodyguards. The witchalock and bearlocks also fell and the adventurers escaped with a shepard’s crook and a traveler’s backpack. Inside the backpack was a strange box that emits mirthful laughter, a small medal on a leather strap, a totem made of vines, an odd book, and several thousand gold coins.

The book seems to be bound in humanoid skin and has the faces of many individuals drawn on it. Some in sepia, some not. Other images of objects (such as the crook) adorn the later pages.


Demperdall Demperdall

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