The One Where Will Got Bunny Ears

Administrative District and Vault

Having cleared the outer districts of druegar and azer, the party approached the administrative district. Following the trail of retreating dwarves they found an ancient chamber with the cornerstone of the great city. Dwarven sorcerers were completing an unknown ritual with the four relics. The relics were given to the adventurers as part of the ritual, binding themselves to the heroes and hindering their actions. The dwarves were defeated, but not before the ritual was completed, leaving a archway shimmering in the air.

Inside there was treasure heaped high and an elegant looking individual flanked by two hooded hairy armed bodyguards. The witchalock and bearlocks also fell and the adventurers escaped with a shepard’s crook and a traveler’s backpack. Inside the backpack was a strange box that emits mirthful laughter, a small medal on a leather strap, a totem made of vines, an odd book, and several thousand gold coins.

The book seems to be bound in humanoid skin and has the faces of many individuals drawn on it. Some in sepia, some not. Other images of objects (such as the crook) adorn the later pages.


You all (after a little ret conning) gathered in the city of Peridot to attend its annual Tournament of Adventurers. Hero fought hero in friendly combat, with the stronger rising to battle other champions. In the end a ranger named Bree took home the grand prize. Or would have, had it not been stolen. Which, I assure you, is impossible. The prize was the much cherished gauntlets of the renowned monk hero Festus, patron of competition and sportsmanship, and every year on the same day it returns to the arena in Peridot to be given to the winner of the Tournament.

This put the city into an uproar. Several of the contestants grouped up to investigate the matter. This led them to the library in the magic district. It was discovered that the monk was in a band of four adventurers that once sealed away a great evil, then oddly disbanded. The party bard gained rabbit ears.

You rushed to determine if other relics left behind by the party had also been stolen. Dwarves that were on FIRE were attacking the church district. After defeating them you found that the late paladin Treylor’s relic (his ring) had been stolen by these azer. The party set out to the remote mountain keep of Adgylza, named after the bard Adgul who moved there after the disbanding. The guard was on high alert and the castle proper was in complete lock down. Investigation followed, people got drunk, gold got stolen, and ancient dwarf ruins underneath the fort were discovered and entered. Winding passages led past a sealed portal to the treasure room where patrols were scrambling to hunt down invaders. More dwarves, this time dreugar. The cloak was confirmed missing. Also discovered was another group of adventurers following the same route of inquiry as yourselves.

After saving a foolish sorcerer from the block, you headed to the last known location of the wizard Ruek. Whatever ancient structure that had stood there had weathered and fallen, with but the crypt underneath all that remained. Well, and a whole bunch of skeletons, zombies, ghouls, and other fun undeadery. Note the oxford comma. Use them. Four switches pulled, and a lovely and beautiful elf meets your party. She is not pleased. She had sent away another group of adventurers, and in that time several artifacts, magical items, equipment, and her relic (a diadem) had been stolen. Dwarves had tunneled up. When she finds out that the other relics had been stolen she sends you back to town. Oh yeah, and she’s a lich.

On your return to Peridot, you find the town a bit unruly. Also, on FIRE. Patrols of dwarves travel the streets and major problems have arisen in each district. In the merchant district you protect a pair of merchants arguing on the merit of weathering an invasion. The bard discovers that the merchant is hiding magical weapons and intimidates the DM into giving him one. Merchants and guards leave town. In the magic district, your party helps to get the wards up around the magic school and earns the possible future aid of the arch-mage there. In the military district you save the remains of the adventuring party who, having failed to recover the relics, are attempting to salvage the city and their reputations. In the nobles district a lone demon had been summon to “defend” the nobles. And by defend, I mean he ate them. Demon was dispatched easily. Finally you came to the aid of the High Church of Pelor in the cathedral district where a horde of azer and druegar were attempting to annihilate some clerics and paladins and desecrate Pelor’s altar. You bested them (barely).


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